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Branston’s Blog March 2022

Welcome to my March roundup of news and updates from Vallum Lodge B&B.

24th March

Hi There, I’m Branston host of Vallum Lodge Bed and Breakfast and the most enthusiastic welcoming reception you can hope for after a long day of walking.

Sam (my co-host) and I are looking forward to the start of the next season, guests begin to arrive again this weekend. I have enjoyed the winter break and have been kept busy assisting the plumbers with the installation of three new bathrooms. I am rather happy with the quality of my/their work.  I was also allowed a few treats such as walking the Northumberland Coastal Path, a week’s walking in Windermere and a short sojourn in Bedfordshire. I am happy to be back in my own paradise again and look forward to guests knocking on the door very soon.

31st March 2022 

Hi There, I’m Branson host of Vallum Lodge, well co-host with my owner Sam. I am very happy to report that the season has started well with some lovely spring weather to keep my walking guests happy. The daffodils are still blooming here and the Vallum in my garden is still full of snowdrops. The vallum is part of the Hadrian’s Wall complex and it runs right through the back garden of Vallum Lodge Bed and Breakfast. What an honour to have a world heritage ditch in my own back yard! I have checked with my neighbour, a lovely sheep farmer, and he has confirmed that lambs should start arriving this week. I should therefore like to remind all you wonderful dog owning walkers to please keep your canine companions on leads so that the nervous ewes can have a calm lambing time.

Northumberland National Park has reintroduced its ‘Take the Lead’ campaign which you can visit here at Visitors urged to keep dogs on leads.